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so far this year (i think :-D)

so far this year ..

all available for free download @

alternatively .. you can check the sounds on all good music streaming services .. Spotify for example 

Krisso The Great!

everyday keep motion

.. jotting ideas . dropping sounds . creating patches n drums . keep it flowing . even during slow periods . mental cypher expansion .. all the time

new work flow

.. fresh results . cleaner sound . more clarity on the drums . crucial 😎
what is my music?

self amusing?
an alternative?

self reflection?

words on paper ? ( then a beat 😆 .. )
real amongst a sea of imitation?

a way to pass time?
auditory spliffs?

.. say what you like about my sound .. but it's all from the source .. ( even the sampled beats ) .. i mean .. i don't sample other people's music ..  😂😂😂



because .. why be good when you can be great

Jay-Z once said .. " don't be good, my n***a .. be great "

and there you go . strive to be better .. if that's a weekly or yearly equation .

.. is it a bit arrogant or delusional to call yourself 'The Great ' .. no .. not if you're me . is it a name ? a description .. or an affirmation? .. maybe all 3.. 1 day 😎 .


.. syke! .. 😆😆😆

OFF THE CUFF * Download ..MP3'z


Time flies!

Released September 2015. ENJOY!

try something different


in today's soceity .. it is the norm to try and be somebody else ..

fuck that!

creativity is about expressing YOURSELF .

sure people make alot of money being somebody else .. that is not me .

people play it safe in fear of being outcast . sorry to break it down but .. nobody innovating or the stand outs are following other people .


imitation is the biggest form of flattery ( in most cases) .. and especially in the early stages of finding yourself ( and being influenced) . but there becomes a point where you have to disconnect and adapt what you've learnt . GROW

Klashnekoff ..

.. The Sagas ..

tbh .. very few can touch some of the tracks on the album / compilation . a whole different feel .. Our Time  ... is colllld .. takes me back to college days ..  time hop

on another note

.. Rakim ( Allah ) whent in ..

.. Kool G Rap whent innnn .. 

nobody compares these days ..

can 't forget .. Sean Price .. whent innn .. also .. Rest In Peace

GOD Bless

encrypted words

.. yea most likely .. even reflecting back .. lyrics can be intepreted ways you didn't intend them .. entendre .. of which .. Jay-Z is the master of

a million setups'

yes ive had many ..

ive opened many DAWS .. 😆

.. from PC to strictly hardware .. FL Studio .. Cubase .. Maschine .. Audacity (?fantastic masterring utility .. and it's free) .. oh yea .. Hammer Head ( a drum programming ting back in the early days) .. MIDI keyboard was a reveleation .. before i knew about equiption' 😏

.. SP404 .. SP 505 .. loop pedals ..

oh yea .. Maschine on iPhone .. i always get to a point where its time to change it up ..

makin beats n running joke

.. old clips of beatmaking

.. more in depth .. deep shish ..

.. what does that even mean? ..

the message is very simple ..

when indulging in creative works .. there are many factors that can creep into play .

.. how and where ( studio time? .. how much? .. do i have the time? am in the right mindframe? .. how can i get into the right mindframe? )

.. motivation ( am i inspired? .. tired? .. energetic? .. what do i want to create or achieve? )


Collaboration can bring it's own dynamics beyond thee above ..

.. will things clash or gel? .. is everybody involved .. getting involved? .. showing up to create the art?


collaboration for the most part is an enjoyable ( and exciting  experience ) .. it can pose many difficulties .. that will soon straighten out ( if you allow them to )

the more force you have behind your ship . the further it can travel ( that is .. if nobody's trynna put whole's in the fucka )

to all musician's .. enjoy ' The Music ' .. and leave that extra bullshit to 1 side ..

Oh yes . Archive Lizzard Ink ..


you can stream the sounds .. iTunes .. Spotify .. Google Play ..

or you can download them on the link above . streaming will give me a few pennies . but the main objective is to share the music .. period

Bless 1 1 . Universal Prosperities

alchemy or no? ..

do you create sound .. or render it into the forefront ? .. the textures already existed but needed cultivating into tangible form .. or whaaat?

a bit like chemically restructuring rocks into gold? .. maybe .
.. looks like i sold the 505 . oh well . something different . i no longer have sufficient apparatus to make beats .. or so it would seem .

releasing equipment is like letting go of a car . it can take you places .. but sometimes the drive is no longer exciting as it used to be.

might load up a fruity loops demo .. see what's a gwarnin' with that these days . any new vst's or .. no? 😆😆😆

time to seek a new central piece to navigate my tracks ..

oh yea .. i still got plenty of beats to bounce on in the meantime .. it doesn't ever stop

.. goodbye .. you served me well .. 😎

yes . welcome .

sometimes you gotta change things up . more layers .. or strip it back to the basics.

a new approach can teach key information.. that was unforeseable in previous carnations of your self
a quick summary . i make beats . i rap over them . i record .. 1 take .. verses and hooks in a 1'er . i do addlibs . nuff said . there are other ways . but the volume of shit i put down .. crikey .. tweaking excessive would rinse my napper out quickly

i don't filter tracks too much . fuckit . have them all! . pick your faves and playlist . the ones i'm likely to delete end up being the 1's people gravitate to .. yes my 2 fans .. 2 views .. 2 views! .. only joking 😎



.. what does that even mean? who the fuck knows  😂😂😂

29 .. too many for streaming sites .. 

download . enjoy . share



.. isit though? possibly . another installment of beats & rhymes . more keyboard electro synthesis 

stream . enjoy . download . share

THE WARM UP * Download

from the album THE WARM UP

so .. i decided to do some tracks .

stream . download . enjoy . share


youuuuu tube .

yes i'm on 'the tube . visuals are not my fave thing yaknow . i'm still getting my head round putting myself into the public view on any scale.

got a few vids up .. n beat makin' 1's to browse .

maybe a few vids in the near future . stay tuned . Love Music ..

biggup my listener's

.. biggups to my listeners .. all 2 of ya 😉. most appreciated . always