with every stage comes progression . or atleast something to reflect upon .

ive done that grungey beat style . cleaner ish in the works . song format and more precision in post production .. or atleast that's the intention 😆


step back

.. yo ...

stepped back to reflect yanaaar!

it's all productive . the beat output is healthier than ever . on the verge of deep banga's

as for the vocals .. well . not been writing but plotting . let the mind live and breathe a'little

1 1

Wavez EP . DL' da tiiing :-p


updated .. clearer mix + some hidden treats from the archive

stream .. why not

from vinyl to cassette to cd ..

mp3 is the format .
are you an artist? .. why not get paid for people to stream your music (that's probably online already

here's a discount code for 7% off sign up fee ($20 ~ £15.30) DISTRO KID!


itunes . i'm there
spotify .. i'm there
google music .. i'm there
.. many others .. i'm

ypu should be too . got listener's?  .. it's a no brainer .. trust thaaaaaat! ... whaaaaaaaaaattt!

multi aspects of the completion modular . arrival point zero of 5

a long way of .. but not really

when you wanna do it all yourself .. everything has to match up eventually

your shading might be off key.. but the outlines are bang on ..

keep honing individual peaces of the maschinary and the factory will eventually produce grade A output . in the meantime .. keep doing and keep enjoying the quirks of a prototype ..

. cryptic 1

does it make sense

sometimes it does .. sometimes it doesn't .. even to the author

it's all still experimental .. hence the blips .. n no retakes on recordings . Edison tried enough times .. i got no issue with it . cos when it clicks .

alot of putting the effort in to get beyond a learning curve . i haven't breathed to this extent for the most part .. walking on 1/4 capacity is counter intuitive

avoid coffee! ..all self notation . pick the book back up .. with liner notes in the margin .

spectac' 😆

the irony of writing

i used avoid writing like catching a cold .

yes .. i can keep putting it off .. but when i sink into .. i enjoy it how im supposed to .. with multiple streams at 1 time . the mind darts too quick to stay tastful on just 1


no force .. other than the force .. moving to music brings about the right conditions for writing .. fluidity of the spirit . 1 1 . magnitude

ironing out the creases

.. its essential to progression . new music being worked on . new beats .. new bars coming .. no rush .. no stress . go peep my other projects in the meantime . effort as usual .. keep flowing .. keep rising


it is hot .. what can i do? .. enjoy it .. while it last

dehydration is lethal .. keep hydrated and stay blessed

have a good summer!


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