Having created a piece of work or Art . It is difficult to seperate yourself as a creator and become the receiver of the piece you have created . Sometimes it's done through self trickery or alterred state of mind .

When you know how the pyramid was built . You are incapable of recognizing the marvel that others see . The bricks , the slopes , the inner sections all become part of routine building .

I did not make the pyramids but imagine they seem basic to the builders of such monument.

stream city .


you can now peep The Warm Up, Vol. 2 .. via Youtube link above 😎🎶

The Warm Up Vol.2. ..

So .. it should be available soon. A continuation of The Warm Up Series .. expect 1 each year,until I stop doing music (probably never .. catch you on The Warm Up Vo.l. 90 😄)

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Ears Open & Eyes Peeled

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what does it mean?

If i'm in bed at night i like Soul music .. if i'm in the car .. 90s Hip Hop. If i want to reflect .. Jazz Fusion


The Warm Up vol.2 .. soooon!

Peep the first release of last year - The Warm Up - Krisso The Great

( "available on all good music streaming services" . 😆 )

Pt.2 coming soon .

Start to another year with the preliminary dose .

Ears & Eyes Peeled!

Coming soon!

LOVERS ROCK . 2 - instrumental!

available @

Bless Bless

FEATHERS - instrumental!


SA-DEEP HARP - instrumental!

available for purchase@

$10 or $60 exclusive ✌